Seahawks showing depth at defensive back with trade of Jennings to Cincinnati Bengals.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the saying goes. Cincinnati Bengals’ Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer had this to say about the trade with the Seattle Seahawks for Kelly Jennings:

“We looked at him in the offseason a little bit,” Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer said. “He can run. Now we have to try and get him playing good.” (AP)

Good luck with that, Mr. Zimmer.

Jennings’ new position coach is on board too:

“He’s had some good success against quality receivers,” said secondary coach Kevin Coyle. “We did a lot of work on him. Whatever it takes to solidify that position, it’s a good thing.” (

I hate to use two proverbs in one blog post, (especially one coined by me), but “The grass is always greener on the other sideline”. What Coyle defined as good success, many Seahawks fans – and undoubtedly coaches as well – considered “limited success”. There was also a perception that Jennings was often a step behind opposing receivers but it is clear that the Bengals credit Jennings’ speed. Perhaps the opinions of fans in Seattle are tainted by the fact that Jennings was a first round pick, whereas the Bengals gave up DE Clinton McDonald, who was drafted in the seventh round and on the bubble to make the Bengals team. Both the Bengals and the Seahawks got depth in the trade, so I guess everyone is happy. But McDonald is four years younger, and more Bengal fans bemoan the loss of McDonald than Seahawks fans the loss of Jennings. The Seahawks aim to field Trufant (age 30), Thurmond (24), and Brandon Browner (27). Not necessarily much younger, but with the skill set that the team is looking for.

It should make for an interesting matchup at Seahawks Stadium on October 30th, 2011 when the Bengals come to town. Will the fans jeer Jennings when he slips onto the field – or cheer Jennings when he slips into coverage?

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