Michael Lombardi, former personnel head with several NFL teams and presently a commentator with the NFL network, had an interesting response when asked who his favourite two players were – outside of the top fifteen – in the 2011 NFL draft.

Lombardi was interviewed by Bill Simmons on April 27, 2011, on the ESPN show called “The B.S. report with Bill Simmons”. The entire show can be played or downloaded from the show’s ESPN webpage, and/or subscribed to in iTunes.

I’ve attached a clip of the portion of the interview that relates to the Seahawks.

And Lombardi was right-on about the Patriots taking Mallet. He also had an interesting premonition of the Viking’s delusional self-assessment contributing to their decision to choose a quarterback in the draft.

Of course, Lombardi is not infallible, as he was prognosticating about the 49ers and the Rams duking it out for top spot in the NFC West next year!