Thinking about picking up a ticket to a Seahawks game at Seahawks Stadium, Qwest Field, CenturyLink, (CLink?), field?

Everyone loves the 3D seating chart on the Qwest/CenturyLink Field wesite:


But have you ever wondered which seats are under cover, or where you might get wet – even under the roofline? There is no replacement for experience, or the knowledge of others, but if you are in a pinch and/or from out of town, and need some basic stadium-supplied information, here is a starting point:


This is a cross-section of the stadium, (source: Seattle Seahawks; archived page of Seattle Times) showing the various seating, suite and lounge levels; the roofline; and a representation of the raking of the seating rows:


And here, from another archived page of the Seattle Times, (credit: Mark Nowlin – Seattle Times; sources: Edelman Worldwide, Ellerbe Becket), is a bird’s-eye roofline view of the stadium displaying which seating areas may be affected by rain and wind.


I hope this information may be of some use to any stadium newbies out there!